Conceptualize an app that encourages people to cycle to work for better health and environment in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Role & Timeline

UX/UI Design
Feb - March 2023


Vancouver ranks 31st in the world for worst traffic - TOMTOM TRAFFIC INDEX, Ranking 2022

It just happened for me to read that transportation research and immediately raised many questions in my head, which are how much time it would take to travel through them during rush hour? How much carbon dioxide is emitted? Also how much money that people have to spent on fuel?

White-paper Research

Is there any way to change people's choice of transportation?

While doing research to find the answer for the above question, I stumbled upon with the statement of Verplankenet al. (2008):

"...changes in context often activateunderlying values and motivations (e.g. sustainability, wish to exercise) which contribute to a reconsideration of travel choices..."


Replacing driving by Scaling up cycling

With Hi!Bike app, I would like to offer integrated cycling solution with more "extrinsic motivation" that encourage people to cycle more to reduce their commute times, protect the environment, and save money.

Create a Cycle of Motivation

Create a Strong Cycling Community

Competitive Analysis

None of apps available in the market had motivational activities for people to engage!

During my stay in Vancouver city, I foundthat there are only few apps (two as I know so far as pictures below) on the market that provide sharedbikes services. Moreover, those apps only offer bike rental service and havebeen received low rating on the app stores due to bad experience (poor features, lack of support, etc.).


What’s a Rich Text element?

I’ve conducted an online survey with about 10 users who fall in our target demographic, so I can have clearer vision about an app that I can design for them in the future.

Survey Questions

  1. Do you usually face difficulty to commute to your workplace by car due to traffic in the city?
  2. Do you have any health issue (mental or physical) currently that you believe is caused by driving for too long on the road?
  3. How much do you spend on average per month for fuel? And do you find it is expensive compared to your income?
  4. Do you think bicycles will be good for your health and the environment?
  5. Are you willing to ride a bike to commute around the city? If not, what are motivations that can make you change your mind?

The Insight

None of the current interviewees choose bicycles to commute to work, even though they have problems while using cars.

Based on the survey results, I've noticed most people find themselves in a "comfort zone" even though it might not be the best option for their life. Moreover, the decision to switch their choice to a new method is not based on single discrete event, but on various circumstances (such as obligatory motivation, big event in personal life).

User Persona

Low-Fidelity Wireframing

After considering the features that theusers expect during interview, I worked on my low-fidelity wireframe usingFigma as of my design process. I presented the idea again with the intervieweesto receive the feedback from them. I kept refining my designs and tried to packthe app with full features, but still looks clean.


My final product

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The Style Guide


What did I learn through the project?

Hi!Bike was the first project that I worked on that involved conceptualizing from scratch. It was a very interesting project to work with and it has also been so rewarding seeing all the connecting parts come together for the final prototype. Doing the project helped me understand how important to implement a good design that brings values for both business and users. I ended up having a lot of fun and had clearer vision for the next project!

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Thank you for your reading!